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Past Meetings
Here you will find DVPUG's past meetings documented with topic/speaker lists, photos, relevant file downloads, and marketing collateral. We hope this will provide members with reviewable resources as well as give non-members an understanding of why DVPUG exists.

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March 26, 2008—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speaker:   Joe Genovese, Progress Software
Topic:   "Auditing in OpenEdge"
Summary:   With over 45 DVPUG members in attendence, Joe Genovese from Progress Software gave us an overview of the capabilities of OpenEdge Auditing introduced in the 10.1A release. Joe covered what data can be audited, performance guidelines, how OpenEdge native auditing compares to 3rd party tools, and real-world examples of auditing in action.
Downloads:   Auditing in OpenEdge, Slides (PDF)
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September 19, 2007—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speakers:   Arthur Fink, Arthur Fink Consulting
Mark Karaman, Solvepoint Corporation
Topic:   "Putting the User Into YOUR User Interface" by Arthur
"Exchange 2007 Review" by Mark
Summary:   At the September, 2007 meeting, renowned usability expert Arthur Fink brought us face-to-face with some common challenges of user interface design. By using a recent project case study, Arthur showed that solutions are very possible by putting the user at the center of your design process.

Mark Karaman, DVPUG President, followed with a technical summary of Progress Exchange 2007. In addition to mentioning new trends and developments, Mark provided links to an audio retrospective by Gus Bjorklund, Exchange Sessions on PSDN and Exchange 2007 photos on Flickr.
Downloads:   Putting the User Into YOUR User Interface, Slides (PDF)
Exchange 2007 Review, Slides (PDF)
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May 2, 2007—The Progress Roadshow
Speaker:   David Oslon, Progress Software
Topic:   "The Agile Enterprise"
Summary:   DVPUG encouraged its members to attend the Progress Roadshow in Philadelphia. David Olson delivered a presentation describing how to achieve agility in IT that mirrors today's fast-moving marketplace.
Downloads:   Slides and a recorded version of the presentation are available at
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January 24, 2007—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speaker:   John Kendall, Solvepoint Corporation
Topic:   "Exploring 10.1A in Depth"
Summary:   At another great DVPUG turnout, John Kendall went in-depth into the latest OpenEdge major update, 10.1A. John showed us how to effectively take advantage of new features, object-orientation, the new Eclipse integration, and more.
Downloads:   Exploring 10.1A in Depth, Mind Map (PDF)
Exploring 10.1A in Depth, Slides (PDF)
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April 5, 2006—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speaker:   David Olsen, Progress Software
Topic:   "Stepping Up to 10.1!"
Summary:   At one of DVPUG's largest turnouts, David Olson showed us some of the new tools and capabilities of OpenEdge 10.1, including a new Eclipse-based IDE, and followed-up by taking time to answer questions from those in attendance.
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October 12, 2005—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speakers:   Arthur Fink, Arthur Fink Consulting
Sean Overby, Solvepoint Corporation
Topics:   "Contextual Inquiry—Listening To And Engaging Our Users" by Arthur
"Coding for Performance" by Sean
Summary:   Arthur's presentation showed how listening and learning from users can help developers dramatically improve the usability of their systems. Sean's presentation highlighted several easy ways to improve system performance by making informed choices as to which statements, functions, and constructs are used as the basic building blocks of the application.
Downloads:   Contextual Inquiry (PDF)
Coding for Performance (PDF)
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July 13, 2005—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speakers:   Carl Peterson, Nexus Software, Inc.
Mark Karaman, Solvepoint Corporation
Topics:   "Progress and Office Automation" by Carl
"Progress Exchange 2005 Review" by Mark
Downloads:   Office Automation Presentation (PDF)
Exchange 2005 Review Presentation (PDF)
Audience Breakfast Carl Peterson Group Discussion
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March 16, 2005—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speakers:   Sean Overby, Solvepoint Corporation
Richard Shulman, Progress Software
Topics:   "Anti-Patterns in Progress" by Sean
"ASA2—How Will It Benefit Me?" by Richard
Downloads:   Anti-Patterns Presentation (PDF)
ASA2 Presentation (PDF)
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May 19, 2004—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speaker:  Marv Stone, Progress Software
Topic:  "OpenEdge 10—What It Is and What You Can Do to Get Ready"
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July 16, 2003—Maggiano's Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Speaker:  Carlos Beato, Progress Software
Topic:  "4GL Performance Tuning"
Summary:  The presentation helped Progress programmers to identify, isolate and solve performance issues related to 4GL programs. Techniques and tools were discussed to help programmers improve the performance of 4GL applications. The presentation also detailed some tools that are not documented.
Downloads:  4GL Presentation (PDF)
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November 20, 2002—Radisson Hotel, Valley Forge, PA
Speaker:  Marv Stone, Progress Software
Topic:  "Progress V9.1D and Sonic MQ 4.0"
Summary:  Marv Stone from Progress Software spoke on the many new features in Progress V9.1D and Sonic MQ 4.0. Marv discussed new enhancements to performance, security and integration followed by a review of new support for HTTP/S Tunneling, XML SAX, PeerDirect, and other OpenEdge capabilities.
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May 1, 2002—The Desmond Hotel, Malvern, PA
Speaker:  Carlos Beato, Progress Software
Topic:  "Fathom"
Summary:  Carlos Beato of Progress Software Systems Engineer spoke on Fathom covering topics such as: Customer Challenges, Fathom Workflow, Discovery Wizards, Centralized Application Management, Monitoring Plans, Schedules, Alert Routing, Fathom Reporting and Fathom Architecture. Carlos also answered questions in general about Progress.
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January 23, 2001—The Desmond Hotel, Malvern, PA
Speaker:  Andrew Ferguson, Progress Software
Topic:  "Progress 9.1C—Much Ado About Nothing?"
Summary:  Andrew Ferguson, Progress Software Systems Engineer, spoke on version 9.1C including important enhancements to the Progress database, 4GL and development environment. The Progress WebClient was also demonstrated. Attendees came away with a better understanding of how Progress is meeting the current challenges of the industry and helping businesses get applications out over the web.
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